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Unicode output from an Arduino.

I have been working hard on a second edition for my book called "Practical Arduino C". The new edition has an extra chapter focusing on adding an Internet capability to Arduino boards plus some additional data structures. Overall, the text has been polished and the index extended and tidied. I have also changed the way the book is being published and sold. This has halved the retail price while still ensuring fast delivery when ordered from Amazon (link coming shortly).

One item that featured in the first edition has been dropped as with hindsight it became clear that it did not add to the reader's learning experience. It made sense therefore to move the section on Unicode output over the Arduino serial interface to a blog post here.

Unicode Characters

The Arduino C is a great tool for manipulating, displaying and communicating ASCII encoded characters, which is perfect if the language you want to use is based upon the Latin character set. Most recent programming languag…

Arduino Confusion Continues

I am an Arduino fan. I love programming in C and the Arduino platform lets me run my programs “on the metal” as they say. No whinging and whining from an operating system just me and my code.
After a few months without a C “fix”, I recently revisited the Arduino world by buying one of the new MKR boards. I plumped for the MKR WiFi 1010 as that looked to be the one most likely to become the “Uno” of this new generation of devices. I also wanted to see how the Internet browser based development environment was coming along and then there was talk in odd places about some new thing called the “IOT Cloud”. Having had a good look around, I am more than a little confused.
First thing I tried was the Arduino Web Editor. I had an elderly 11” Chromebook that is nice and light and I thought that might be a great device for Arduino web based programming as, after all, it is really just a (small Linux) container for the Chrome Browser. It was an interesting first choice. When I signed into the W…