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ESP32 Camera

In November 2019 I added a note to a previous blog post that looked at the Arduino project strategy from the angle of a bemused fan regarding a bargain ESP32 board with a camera interface. The delivered price at the time appeared to be £4.95 for the board and £1.99 for the camera. I placed an order in November but I have only now fully opened the package. It turned out that the £4.95 included a camera (OV2640 I think) so I now have a spare. I knew that this board did not have a USB interface so I also ordered a serial to USB board that could run at 3.3 or 5 volts. This cost £2.90. I also took note that the ESP32 chip was known to run hot so I looked out a suitable heat sink. I ordered the board because it seemed to offer a great deal for the money with 4MB of SRAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro SD card slot in addition to the camera port and 512Kb of on chip SRAM. As this could reputedly be programmed in C using the Arduino IDE I was keen to give it a whirl once some other projects we